We’re pleased to have worked with the Cross River Partnership to launch a new walking map with walking routes for the Eastern City area.

There are so many benefits of walking, a simple, low-impact form of exercise that most people can access. It helps with various health issues, improves wellbeing and enhances your quality of life. It’s also great for the environment – by replacing 1.5 miles of driving with walking can reduce greenhouse gases by approximately 75%.

It’s really easy to incorporate walking into your routine: you can walk all or part of your commute, or get off one stop before your destination and walk the rest of the way, taking the stairs instead of the lift, go for a lunchtime walk or have a walking meeting, get out and about on a stroll with your family and friends after work or join a walking group and make new friends and explore new areas.

Our map has three new routes you can enjoy around the Eastern City, simply click the link to download.