Join us at Leadenhall Market for Old Tom’s Tale

Have a gander at each stunning window at Leadenhall Market and reveal a part of Old Tom’s story.

Old Tom’s Tale

Follow Old Tom’s Tale through a series of stained-glass windows and learn the story of Old Tom, a goose that famously lived in Leadenhall Market in days gone by.

Goose meets Gander

Tom the goose was hatched in Calais, France. As a young gander, he fell for a gosling but was devastated when he discovered her flock was due to fly to England.

Journey to London

Tom had an intense fear of flying but, upon hearing of the departure of his love, refused to be left behind and followed her on a merchant ship bound for London.

Escape from the Poulterer

After docking in London, Tom realised he and his fellow geese were due to be slaughtered in Leadenhall Market. Tom, fearing for his life, overcame his phobia and took flight from the poulterer.

Freedom from Leadenhall

Following a series of daring escapes, Tom was granted his freedom. He lived in Leadenhall until the age of 37, gaining the affections of local traders. Upon his death, he was buried beneath the market.

Old Tom’s Tale was designed and constructed by Patrick McEvoy with the help of Prewett Bizley Architects. The project was commissioned by EC BID, a business improvement district working to promote and enhance a unique part of the City of London known as the Eastern City.