Elysian Arcs triumph in the City

Eastern City BID’s free outdoor immersive experience welcomes over 35,000 people.

Almost 36,000 people visited the giant immersive, rainbow-coloured Elysian Arcs, which finished its run at The Leadenhall Building in the City of London last month.

The Arcs were a free outdoor immersive light and sound installation created by award-winning design studio, Atelier Sisu. Commissioned by the Eastern City Business Improvement District (EC BID) and produced by FESTIVAL.ORG  they were installed to help support the mental, physical and environmental wellbeing of workers in the City and across London, as part of the BID’s year-long RECHARGE 2024 campaign.

The collection of ethereal arcs were a striking contrast to the surrounding City architecture and become even more impressive at dusk with internal lights bringing them to life, accompanied by a soothing soundtrack.

People travelled far and wide to see the Arcs, and comments included: “it’s so beautiful, it’s like a dreamlike bubble world with unicorns and rainbows.  We went to see a light show in Canary Wharf and it was average compared to this.”   And “ its so relaxing. How did they make it? Who manufactures it? I love it. I heard it on the BBC News… I’m from Reading and travelled in especially for this.”

Kate Hart, CEO of the EC BID, said:  “It is utterly heartwarming to hear these comments and see what a real impact installations of this nature have on workers and visitors alike.  It was a privilege to commission this work and build on the success of last year’s Effervescent Bubbles.”

Sydney-based design studio, Atelier Sisu, is led by the award-winning artists Renzo B. Larriviere and Zara Pasfield who work within the intersection of art and architecture creating large-scale site-specific works that enchant by reinventing spaces.