Eastern City Business Improvement District Launches EC Community Fund to Support Diverse Initiatives

In a bold move towards fostering community development and addressing pressing social and environmental issues, the Eastern City Business Improvement District (ECBID) has launched the EC Community Fund with ActionFunder. The fund, worth a total amount of £40,000, aims to support a range of impactful projects led by non-profit organisations.

The fund has been awarded to ten diverse initiatives and is set to provide vital resources for each, tackling a specific challenge or opportunity within the community.

These are:

  1. Climate Change CoLab – Eco Food Co-design

This initiative seeks to address the urgent issue of climate change by promoting eco-friendly food co-design practices within the community. By partnering with local businesses and residents, Climate Change CoLab aims to create sustainable solutions that mitigate environmental impact.

  1. Sonar Circle – Refugee Employment Programme

Sona Circle Refugee Employment focuses on empowering refugees by providing them with access to employment opportunities and essential support services. Through skills training and job placement initiatives, the program aims to facilitate the successful integration of refugees into the workforce.

  1. Toynbee Hall – Counting Down to Eid in Tower Hamlets & The City

Tonybee Hall’s initiative aims to celebrate cultural diversity and promote community cohesion by organizing inclusive events and activities leading up to Eid. By fostering understanding and appreciation of different cultural traditions, the programme aims to build stronger bonds within the community.

  1. Behind the White Lines (CIC)

BTWL CIC focuses on addressing the challenges faced by individuals affected by substance abuse and addiction. Through community outreach and support programmes, the initiative aims to provide holistic assistance to those seeking recovery and rehabilitation.

  1. Climate ED – Carbon Literacy and Climate Action Workshops for Primary Schools

Climate ED’s initiative targets primary schools, aiming to educate and empower the next generation to take action against climate change. Through interactive workshops and educational resources, the programme seeks to promote  carbon literacy and inspire young minds to champion environmental sustainability.

  1. Inspiration for All – Improving Social Mobility

Inspiration for All focuses on breaking down barriers to social mobility by providing mentorship, training and educational opportunities to underserved communities. The initiative aims to empower individuals to overcome socio-economic challenges and achieve their full potential.

  1. Providence Row – Outreach Psychotherapy “A Place Within”

Providence Row’s initiative offers vital psychotherapeutic support to individuals experiencing homelessness and mental health issues. Through outreach programmes and counselling services, the initiative aims to provide a safe and supportive environment for healing and recovery.

  1. First Fruits Environmental CIC – Community Composting Project

First Fruits Environmental CIC’s project focuses on promoting sustainable waste management practices within the community through community composting initiatives. By diverting organic waste from landfills and promoting composting, the programme aims to reduce environmental impact and promote local food production.

  1. London Innovation Society – Women in Tech “What Will You Do in Tech”

London Innovation Society’s initiative aims to address gender disparities in the tech industry by providing mentorship, training and networking opportunities to women and girls. By empowering women to pursue careers in technology, the programme aims to foster diversity and innovation within the sector.

  1. XLP Youth Charity – Amplifying the Youth Voice through Music and Arts

XLP Youth Charity’s initiative focuses on harnessing the power of music and arts to empower young people and amplify their voices. Through creative workshops, performances, and community events, the programme aims to provide a platform for youth expression and promote positive social change.

EC BID CEO Kate Hart said:  “The EC Community Fund represents a significant investment in the Eastern City community, supporting a diverse range of initiatives aimed at addressing social, environmental and economic challenges. By collaborating with non-profit organisations and community stakeholders, EC BID demonstrates its commitment to driving positive change and creating a more inclusive and sustainable future for all.”