Our priorities

The EC Partnership has been founded by a group of landowners and occupiers looking to work collaboratively with the City of London, and other public sector partners, with a shared view to champion local priorities, amplify the significant assets across the footprint of the area and ensure we recreate all that is needed to foster and maintain a sustainable, agile, greener City with a greater social purpose.

As the area which the EC Partnership covers is vital to the UK economy our success will create a ripple effect across the wider economy, which will be more important than ever in the post COVID era. While already a vibrant place, it is now right for the EC Partnership to aspire to more, and to be a beacon for the capital.

We have developed a number of priorities built around Environmental, Social and Governance best practice.


A cleaner, greener, more welcoming and more human City:

We are committed to working alongside the City Corporation to respond to the urgency of an ever-demanding public realm to ensure we adapt to an Eastern City that will be functional, dynamic and attractive for the future. This will be met with a strong commitment to embrace a focus that will have a positive impact on our climate crisis and making air quality improvements in the City.


Anchored in our social purpose:

The EC Partnership recognises a broader social purpose, stretching beyond the commercial success of the area and we aspire to be an area known for its inclusivity, diversity and innovation. This will include creating projects and programmes that promote mental and physical wellbeing. We will work with our business community to promote the substantial assets across the footprint to support the City’s evolution towards becoming a 24/7 destination, with unrivalled history, world class hospitality and leading retail hotspots. We want to promote the City to new audiences that includes those communities residing on the city fringe and wider area, attracting and retaining talent across London.


We will be a democratic and collaborative partnership, embracing new ideas from businesses across the footprint.

A democratic and collective voice for the local business community that encourages good growth, championing an area that is diverse and inclusive for SME’s as well as harbouring big corporate brands. Our challenge now, will be to harness all that is great about this global business centre and in conjunction with the City Corporation, owners and occupiers, bring a renewed sense of purpose to the area and restore the social capital that is the foundation of this global standing

Case study

The Asset Audit is an important piece of work to inform our work to improve the experience of working and visiting the City.

Public realm, and supporting the City Corporation and its public realm vision, has been identified as an early priority for the Partnership and with this in mind we have commissioned Publica to carry out an asset audit to complement the work of the Corporation. We are keen to identify opportunities across the footprint for public realm interventions – especially on private land – to ensure we have a full picture of the spaces ripe for improvement.

This work is nearing completion and we are now looking at which areas are suitable for short term enhancement projects and where we should prioritise longer term investment and lobbying efforts.