Bid Proposal

A note from EC Partnership Chair, Andrew Reynolds:

As Chair of the EC Partnership it’s my pleasure to present our BID proposal – our blueprint for the future of the EC area of the City. The City of London Corporation has endorsed our proposal and we are now on track to ballot our business community on the establishment of a BID in the new year.

If successful, over £20 million will be invested by the private sector to fund transformational projects in the area over the next five years. The Eastern City BID would become one of the largest in the UK in terms of income. The BID would represent a significant opportunity for the businesses across the area, as well as for the City and London as a whole.

The post COVID City of London needs BIDs standing shoulder to shoulder with the City Corporation, and other delivery partners, with the private sector investing millions of pounds to fund transformational projects, and securing a strong, resilient and sustainable future for the area. Following a long tradition of businesses from across the EC area pioneering and innovating, I am excited about what can be achieved when we coalesce around shared goals, with an emphasis on advancing the crucial ESG agenda. Our aim is to create a more sustainable, agile City with a greater sense of social purpose and I look forward to promoting the potential during the ballot campaign.

Please read more about our plans in the proposal below, and I look forward to discussing the potential of a BID with you in the coming weeks.

My thanks to fellow board members and those who have been involved with this visionary project from the start. We have reached an important milestone which would not have been possible without your support – let’s keep up the momentum to get the ballot across the line and secure this opportunity for the benefit of us all.